Manhattan Aesthetics

In New York City facials come a dime a dozen, and guess what?  I don’t mind trying them all. There is always some unique beauty trend popping up to amuse the complex needs of everyone’s skin. The Collagen Bar, located at their new space on 6 East 39th Street inside Manhattan Aesthetics, knows exactly what we crave which is why they’re taking facials to the next level.

The Collagen Bar is here to deliver a remedy that restores and revitalizes the skin on our face. The usage of their patented Collagenizer treatments is here to highlight their unique formulas, including a couple of the most advanced, FDA approved non-invasive technologies.

As women these types of treatments are essential for us. Like most know as we age the collagen in our face starts to recede, which then creates wrinkles and fine lines (Oh God Help Us).

This is not your typical facial, where steam is applied to the face to extract blackheads. This facial will target the areas on your skin that has lost it’s elasticity which will result in a more pubescent appearance.

The micro-currents that are used during this process will create an unfamiliar feeling on the face-nerves. No fear it’s not painful, and hey… if we can bite the bullet for a few seconds to knock a few years off then have at it!

Not only is this facial beneficial for the collagen in your skin, it also makes you realize how sensitive the nerves in your forehead are. I mean c’mon, with electrophoresis, micro current & galvanic devices going across it what else can you expect. Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt, it actually tickles if you ask me!

Manhattan Aesthetics is not only the home to The Collagen Bar, it is also home to other non-invasive beauty treatments to people of all ages can appreciate. Any place that offers beauty treatments that require no down time, I’m there!

And if you mention this article. The Collagen Bar will offer 20% off on any facial you get! It’s a win-win situation if you ask me. And when you do visit, let us here at Manhattan Digest know how you felt about that good ol’ micro-current machine!!  For more information on Manhattan Aesthetics, please click here.