Credit: Hansol Kim

I found my newest cafe to feed my caffeine addiction. Round K Cafe – a Korean coffee shop located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The owner, Ockhyeon Byeon (Ock his preferred way to be called) has blown my mind with his take on lattes and cappuccinos. Not to mention his secret breakfast menu on the weekends.

Round K
Credit: Hanson Kim

I got to try three of Round K’s signature drinks:

Matte Black Latte (signature) – made with coconut cream, almond paste and coconut ash (this makes it black and whitens your teeth). This drink is gonna throw you for a loop but in the best way possible. It is similar to a milkshake, minus the ice cream, and did I mention it’s black? So bad-ass looking.

Wasabi Latte. Yes, I know it sounds really weird, but you gotta trust me on this one, it’s freaking delicious. This drink was specifically created to prove to Ock’s friend that wasabi is good. I have to agree with Ock, wasabi is a wonderful addition to a traditional latte. There’s a lovely added sweetness and nutty aftertaste. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

My favorite drink at Round K is the Egg Cappuccino. You’re probably thinking… what the hell is an egg cappuccino? Is there an egg in this drink? Yes, dear readers, there is. Apparently, this is huge in Asia!  Cream, egg yolk, and espresso. This makes for a magical drink that tastes nothing like egg. The key is to get the espresso at exactly 140 degrees Fahrenheit and drop the egg yolk in. This will perfectly cook the egg yolk and make the cappuccino so wonderfully creamy and decadent.

Round K
Credit: Hansol Kim

Aside from the delicious drinks at Round K, Ock has a delicious secret menu he serves on the weekends. I’m talking eggs, kimchi, tofu, and Korean BBQ all served on brioche.

You can totally see how Ock’s time in Europe is reflected in the food prepared as well as in his coffee drinks. He combines his Korean heritage and the European food and coffee culture perfectly. His coffee house is a great spot to get work done or converse with the friendly baristas behind the bar.

For more information on Round K Cafe, click here.