Ever go to a party and have so much fun that you wake up the next day sore? You know that sore feeling I’m referring to, it kind of resembles the same sore feeling of taking a new workout class. Well news flash people, when you dance( especially dancing the night away) you are working out!

Now, imagine combining all the best aspects of a party with technical benefits of a workout. No need to fix your brain and imagine, CRUNCH has done this for you which is why they’re hosting a Sunset Dance Workout!

This coming Sunday,  CRUNCH Fitness & Quiet Events have collaborated to host a unique event for all ages: a quiet cardio & dance class.

Now if you’re slightly confused about the quiet part let me explain.  From 6:00 to 7:00 PM, patrons will have the choice to workout with Crunch, featuring three of their cardio-dance based classes.  Upon arrival, a set of LED headphones will be given out to indicate which class you will be in along with what DJ you’ll be rocking out to!

Three different colors represent the three different classes.  Green will be for Zumba (we all love Zumba), red is for the Pop Dance Project and blue represents the Hard Knocks for those who may enjoy the mix of boxing with twerking, sign me up!

The show does not stop after the workout, that actually is the warm up for THE PARTY!  It features a waterfront view of the city skyline along with a summer sunset.  Is there any other way to spend a Sunday evening?

The party segment is open to all ages, making this ideal for those workout enthusiast who have little ones.

LIC Landing is the place to be this upcoming Sunday, so bring your friends and family and sweat away those weekday blues!

To find out more information & purchase tickets click here and see you there!!