Credit: Camelback

The Pocono Mountains have always been known as the ultimate place for couples to get away to for rejuvenating and/or rekindling. With this region only being a two hour drive away from New York City, it’s no wonder that more and more people congregate there each season.

The Poconos has now become a revived place for families and groups of friends to indulge in, not only for catering to couples that appreciate the beauty of this territory. From outdoor recreational activities or taking in all the glory from an indoor perspective, the Poconos has it all.

One spot that should be on everyone’s places to visit in The Poconos is Camelback Resort. Camelback Resort is a one-stop-shop for all Pocono inquires! If you’re into water activities then look no further, Camelback is home to the country’s largest water park resort. Camelbeach being the largest outdoor water park in the state and Aquatopia being the largest indoor water park in the Northeast, the two equate to providing the ultimate entertainment experience for those with families!!

Hey, even if you don’t have children this is still a surpassing location for adults to let loose while nourishing in the adrenaline pumping activities. Between the 13 water slides, 7 pools and the indoor/outdoor spa whirlpool, this really is the place/spot to cool off.

Okay, I know those who are not really into the whole water park thing is starting to side eye me, however no fret cause Camelback has a place for you too! Arcadia Indoor Adventure Center is a place that comes equipped with games and activities that will challenge those early morning yoga sessions some of us run to. From the K2 KLIMB & THE ASCENT you will promise yourself a drink after, in a good way of course.

All of this fun and we haven’t even went outdoors yet! Partaking in all of the outdoor fun that Camelback is equipped with is a whole-other day of excursions. Mountain Adventure Park is for the TRUE THRILL SEEKER, like myself. This park features 1000’ Dual Zip Lines for racing your friends, a Mountain Coaster, Mountain Segways, and TreeTops Adventure Course.  I mean c’mon if your’re heart didn’t start racing from hearing that then can you call yourself a thrill seeker. The best thing about these outdoor activities is most of them being available year-round. That means during a winter wonderland visit and one has skied and snow-tubed their brains out, they have the option of indulging in these excursions to switch things up.

Camelback Resort now offers easy access to view the foliage from the best perspective, above the treetops! Yes you read that right above the treetops. During the autumn season the TreeTop Flyer Scenic Chairlift takes up to four riders on a steel cable sky ride 800 vertical feet from the valley to the peak of Camelback Mountain. During this time patrons will feast on fascinating sights of the lively autumn foliage , while on a clear day one could take in the sights of the Poconos all the way to the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in New York.

Of course this is one of the most popular ski resorts for people in the tri-state, allowing the group getaway fun to be extended tot the colder months as well. For more information on Camelback’s Winter activities visit their site .

Camelback Resort has become THE place in Pennsylvania for everyone. Outside of the adventures they provide, Camelback has an impressive lodge featuring 453 guest suites styled in mountain-modern décor. There is also an Oasis Kids Spa & Serenity Spa for adults, ideal place to relax those muscles after stretching them all day.

I don’t know about you guys yet after all this information I’m truly ready to start planning my Fall getaway here. And the perfect thing about planning a getaway here, it wouldn’t matter who you decide to bring there is something for everyone.

For more information on reservations, check the website & have fun!!