Grand Central Station, NYC, 2017

They say that the environment affects the artist. Such as how WWI affected Hemingway and the South affected Faulkner. But I believe that the opposite is true. I think the environment as viewed through the artist’s eyes, or words, or lens, in this case, can be affected by the artist.

Cloudy ESB
Empire State Building, NYC, 2017

Which brings me to another old adage, “perception is reality”. If you have followed this space over the last several years you know that stylistically I tend to work more in monochromatic tones than in full color. Someone once asked me, “why?”. The answer is simple. I shoot exactly how I see the world. Some photogs will shoot in black and white settings on their cameras. I never do. I can already see what the shot is in black and white before I even press the button.

5th Ave Presbyterian Church, NY 2017

With that in mind, here is a lovely summer collection of NYC as seen by myself, in black and white of course.

Chrysler Building
Chrysler Building, NYC, 2017

Here’s hoping the fall is just as lovely.