Photo by Carol Rosegg

A song of tension and discord is currently emanating from 59 East 59th Street theatre in Dan McCormick’s world premiere play, The Violin.

There is quite a bit that is commendable about this character driven piece about trust and loyalty.  Although it strains credibility, it wins over the audience by the time the curtain falls.

The drama follows Bobby (Peter Bradbury) and Terry (Kevin Isola), two dim-witted brothers who are constantly trying to make a quick buck by unscrupulous means. The two take constant shelter at Gio’s (Robert LuPone) tailor shop (an intentionally shabby, but perfectly created set by Harry Feiner).

Photo by Carol Rosegg

After finding an extremely valuable Stradivarius violin in the back of Terry’s cab, the trio forges a trail towards earning a fortune. Slowly, family secrets are shared as this theatrical tune culminates towards a crescendo of painful revelations and ultimate humanity.

Photo by Carol Rosegg


Director Joseph Discher has assembled a phenomenal cast here, each of whom deliver McCormick’s script with sincerity and gusto. What the play lacks in entire believability,  it more than compensates with these attributes by spinning an entertaining yarn and leaving theatergoers with a night well spent at the theatre.

The Violin plays off Broadway at 59E59th Street Theatres through October 14th.  ( 59 East 59th Street between Madison and Park Avenues.) For tickets and information:  The Violin Play.