ORB Vitamins
Credit: ORB Vitamins

There are so many instances where I can say I’m proud to be a Millennial. In this generation, we have put health and wellness to the forefront and found distinct ways to incorporate it into our everyday lifestyle. From the food we eat to the activities we partake in, transitioning to these new habits are here to stay.

Even though millennials have taken the exercise craze to the next level, there are still some practices we can learn from the “older generations”, and that is how important vitamins are. I know I’m not the only one who remembers their grandparents stressing the importance of taking those Flinstone vitamins everyday.

Somewhere along the wellness journey we neglected the importance of supplements and why we need them. It could be the lack of creativity this particular market has shown when catering to this new generation, until now!

Matt Hesse understood what was missing from this market and introduced ORB Wellness to everyone. ORB is definitely bringing a futuristic vibe to the vitamin market, and we’re here for it!

People would assume it is the way the vitamins look which can be a reason, yet it is for the time release method that each capsule has.

Now when I say time release I’m referring to the method in which your body absorbs the nutrients of the vitamins. Think about how annoying is it to constantly take a pill every couple of hours just to receive the full effect.

This concept is exactly what Matt thought about when he developed ORB. He had his own experience with taking multiple of pills just to receive to full effect and noticed that something has to be changed.

Imagine taking a tablet that allows your body to feel the effects for the full day.  Now stop imagining cause that is exactly what this time release method does! These ORB supplements come in seven distinct variations, each contributing to an important aspect of health. From a Women/Men Multi-Vitamin + Fish Oil pill, Heart Complex and my personal favorite, the Sleep Complex option, you can actually feel these vitamins working.

The Sleep Complex is an innovator on it’s own. It combines key elements like melatonin & valerian to stimulate relaxation and L-Theanine an antioxidant that is a calming agent with B12. All of these ingredients create a recipe for one to fall asleep like a baby and waking up like an adult, which means not hitting the snooze button 5 times!

This particular supplement is not meant to act as a sleeping pill for those with insomnia, it is here to eliminate that groggy feeling when we first wake up.

The even better part about ORB Wellness is the fact that it is easily accessible. You can walk into any GNC, Wallgreens or Vitamin Shoppe to pick these babies up. For a full list of carriers click here.

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