Charlie Palmer Steak
Photo by Maggie Marguerite Studio

Much like annoying relatives and everyone on The View, summer overstayed its welcome this year. Until recently, most of us were still wearing shorts and flip-flops, sipping iced coffee, and choosing sushi or salad over heavier fare.

Within the past couple of weeks, however, fall has settled over the city. Long pants, jackets, and even scarves have become the go to attire for cool, crisp mornings and chilly, evening air.

Now is the time for hearty, rich, comfort food. Fewer places offer it with more elegance than Charlie Palmer Steak, located in the equally elegant Archer Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

A recent visit yielded incredible satisfaction on all accounts. For steak aficionados, the selection is wide in terms of cut styles and pricing . Filet Mignon and NY Strip dominate the more affordable end of the spectrum. Even the Porterhouse for two, which I shared with my guest was an economic value. More on that later.

Those with generous expense accounts—or an urge to splurge–can opt for the Japanese Kobe Beef which offers “ultimate marbling with a remarkable flavor profile and incredible juiciness.”

A variety of sauces, including red wine shallot, green peppercorn, and house sauce are available. My porterhouse nestled most comfortably into the shallow pool of house sauce. Their proprietary blend of spices complemented the hefty slab of meat effortlessly. The former two were acceptable  but there was little that could be deemed noteworthy.

The Porterhouse steak is a work of art. The generous short loin cut arrived at the table still sizzling. At first blush, the medium rare marvel seemed to overwhelm my guest and me. Yet in primal, carnivorous fashion, we left nothing but the bone.

Porterhouse for 2. Photo by Ryan Leeds

A Truffle Baked Potato and Sautéed Mushrooms joined the hearty feast.  Bubbly brown, crisp potato adorned the Idaho spud with ample butter and truffle oil gently cascading down the sides.

Truffle baked potato. Photo by Ryan Leeds

Most of us end up putting the “mush” in mushrooms when we cook them at home.  Why? Because these flavor filled fungi retain a great deal of water and release it in the pan.  instead, we dine-out and leave it to the experts at Charlie Palmer Steak, where these button beauties popped with buttery goodness.

Sauteed mushrooms. Photo by Ryan Leeds

Sauteed Foie Gras with blackberry and a sherry gastrique (caramelized sugar)  opened the meal. The duck liver was light as air and danced in the palate with the grace of a Bolshoi dancer. Even the presentation was a scenic portrait.

Short Rib Agnolotti (essentially a type of ravioli) with shaved Parmesan and truffle cream also provided a creamy but not cloying preview to the sumptuous meal that would follow.

Short Rib Agnolotti. Photo by Ryan Leeds

Tangy Key Lime Pie, carefully bedecked with whipped cream, raspberries, and a mint sprig furnished the encore to this blockbuster meal.

Key Lime Pie. Photo by Ryan Leeds

Creative, seasonal cocktails, extensive beer selections, and over 400 wines offer enough merriment for lovers of libations.

Much like the hotel which houses this establishment, there is a coziness that exists here. Cobalt blues and sliver streaks dominate the sleek design that strikes a balance between classic and trendy.

It is obvious that Mr. Palmer takes great pride in his restaurant—and in training his staff. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and prompt–characteristics which extend to the entire staff of the Archer hotel.

Palmer’s Steak expands throughout other parts of the United States, including Reno, Napa, Las Vegas, and Washington, D.C. Although his restaurant group is corporate  Palmer’s group strives to support small, local producers as possible. The community commitment is evidenced in each succulent bite.

Charlie Palmer Steak, located in The Archer Hotel (West 38th between 5th and 6th). For reservations and more info, click here.