There are many justifications on why Hennessy remains the top-selling Cognac in the world, one of those reasons being the fact that they never disappoint the consumer. With the recent release of their Master Blend, this purveyor of cognac has everyone wondering what is next.

I think they did it this time! Hennessy recently unveiled their utmost experience of bringing the cognac making process to everyone.

Industry City in Brooklyn is hosting this immersive installation of Le Grand Voyage, which takes place November 8th to November 14th, and trust it is worth the trip! During the experience, guests will have the opportunity to go from room to room, each showcasing the many steps of creating the masterpiece we all love!

One of the rooms simulate the rainfall that winemakers experience in the vineyards and another brings us to a guided tasting by Hennessey Ambassador Jamie Evans. During the tasting, Evans made us feel as if we were part of the Hennessey’s Comité de Dégustation. That is French for “Tasting Committee”.

He explained the distinct contrast between V.S.O.P Privilège and Hennessey X.O. To someone who is not well versed in the world of cognac, I left that session feeling a lot closer to the brand and the process that we consumers neglect. Throughout the installation I used all of my senses to truly take everything in.

And the installation would not be complete if it did not have a cocktail tasting portion! This is where cocktail journalist and ‘Resident Ice-Pert’ Camper English demonstrated how to make clear ice, yes guys clear ice! I was blown away by his expertise.

The whole entire experience, well I mean Voyage, is a must! Even if cognac is not your spirit of choice you will still leave the installation feeling invigorated. For more information on Le Grand Voyage click here.