Whenever Hennessy does an unveiling, its best that everyone strap in their seat belts and enjoy the ride. Being a purveyor in the world of cognac Hennessy has to keep everyone on the edge of their seats with what’s next.

And their newest venture definitely compares to the rest that they have in their portfolio. This time around Hennessy has teamed up with Cocktail Courier to bring a new classic cocktail to your doorsteps, the Hennessy Uptown.

The Hennessy Uptown was inspired by Harlem rapper ASAP Ferg. This artistic collaboration between Hennessy and Ferg will allow fans a exclusive listen to a track “Family” made specifically for this partnership. The best thing about this colloboration is the first 100 Cocktail Courier orders will receive the track via an exclusive vinyl pressing and the song is also on his SoundCloud.

The Hennessy Uptown kit includes all elements needed to recreate his recipe including the main ingredient – Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege!

Not having any bartending experience myself,  I was slightly nervous to cook up this drink, yet at the same time excited. Believe that those nervous woes went away as I inboxed my kit and realized it came with very detailed instructions on what to do and how to do it.

Side note: everyone should have a cobbler shaker on hand, you just never know when you’ll need to make an impromptu cocktail.

The Hennessy Uptown is a masculine drink, however not too masculine that any female would not want to indulge. There are hints of spice derived from the cinnamon and chipotle powder with balance provided by the lemon garnish. This refreshing drink is suitable for any occasion.

We can’t wait till you try it and let us here at Manhattan Digest know what you think.