NFL Experience

If you enjoy football and everything about the sport then The NFL Experience is for you. As enthusiasts gear up for Super Bowl 52, I can see why this interaction is growing in popularity.

Located at 20 Times Square in the heart of city, the NFL Experience is a place for all ages to enjoy. Don’t worry, those who don’t know too much about football will still have a praiseworthy time.

Coming off the elevator on to the 4th floor you enter as a fan. On this level you will captivated by the many football memorabilia set to represent each region and team. Within this story of collectibles there are several interactive stations.  These stations come equipped with touch screen monitors where you click on a team based on where it’s located on the map. Here is where guests can learn anything from a teams history to statistics about key players.

Once you’re done being fan you’ll enter a theater where you will prepare yourself for the next level of football frenzy.  This is not your typical movie theater, this is more reminiscent of a Disneyland attraction with moving sensory seats.

In the theater, guests will get a glimpse of what every NFL team may experience while being on the field during game days. The short presentation guides you to the next zone, it being the most interactive one in the building.

This is where guests get to truly indulge in what it’s like to be on a football team. From the practice drills to actually being on the field, this floor really gets you in the game.

You’ll go from the equipment room, to dummy blocking and to my favorite, the Quarterback Challenge. This is when the experience goes from Hall of Fame to Dave and Busters, in other words fun yet totally Instagram worthy.

These stations will bring everyone together as if their truly on one team! Don’t want to spoil too much of for you, everyone can appreciate the element of surprise especially when fun is involved.

Would the NFL Experience be complete if there wasn’t a level dedicated to souvenirs and food. What I can appreciate about the food is how particular food items are designed around specific teams. Like the Purple Reign Hot Dog is for the Minnesota Vikings and the Lobster Roll represents the New England Patriots.

Long story short, stop by the NFL Experience before it’s too late! And let us here at Manhattan Digest know how it was!  For more information, click here.