A skincare and wellness regiment is something that people are starting to take more seriously. And I don’t blame them, our skin has a story to tell that our words can’t muster.

Going to the spa nowadays gives people the illusion of temporarily stepping away from the craziness of their reality.

The Up Spa on the Upper East Side understands this and is here to provide clients with a very unique experience. No I’m not just saying they’re unique cause it’s the “right” thing to say. Up Spa has found a way to stand out amongst wellness giants by providing two very unparalleled procedures.

The Vagacial & Body Contouring!

The Vagacial was created to provide women with silky smooth skin down there to match the skin on the rest of our body. Some of us may not be aware of the complexities of the skin in our bikini area compared to the rest of our body, which results in neglect.

Similar to an ordinary facial, the vagacial gives indulgers the same steaming, extractions and exfoliations that embody a facial treatment, with an added regimen of a 24k Gold Collagen Mask. All of this just screams rejuvenation, especially with Valentines Day right around the corner!

At the Up Spa, there are different types of vagicials to choose from depending on your bikini area needs.

If Vagacials aren’t your thing, that’s fine! Up Spa has a procedure that I’m sure everyone can appreciate! Their Body Contouring! 

Cavi-Lipo is the newest invention to non surgical lipo. The best part about this procedure is that it’s non invasive which means you can go back to your regular scheduled activities right after.

The ultrasound cavitation machine decodes the fat in the chosen area to create tighter and healthy looking skin. The procedure doesn’t last too long depending on the area how much fat you have.

Be prepared for a unusual experience with suction cups and high frequency machines having a party with your fat cells. I recommend this to anyone who needs an extra boost to their fitness regimen.

Ashley Guisao & Music executive “Brooklyn Johnny” have struck gold with this oasis with the services their offering.

With Ashely being a credible veteran in the esthetician Plateau, be sure to sit and talk with her about your skincare needs/goals. I’m sure she will have a remedy and procedure to match!

To stay updated on Up Spa be sure to follow them on Instagram @theupspa. And if you tell them we sent you there you will enjoy a welcoming discount of 10% off your service.

Were excited to hear about your experience so don’t forget to let us know if you loved Up Spa as much as we did!