Dental Awareness Month

Who knew February was Dental Awareness Month?! Don’t feel bad, I’m sure there are plenty of you who were not aware. This is why Manhattan Digest is here to keep our fellow New Yorkers in the loop!

Let’s be clear: EVERY month should be Dental Awareness Month. A smile can say a lot about a person and what do you want yours to say?

Yes we pay attention to our breath and make sure that it’s minty fresh, however do we ever consider what may be happening in there to cause bad breath to happen in the first place?

As we recognize dental hygiene at Manhattan Digest we want to acknowledge someone who takes pride in the profession, Dr. Marc Lazare!

Dr Marc Lazare is a renowned cosmetic/general dentist and dental columnist with 22 years of experience, which means he is a very credible source with anything related to dental hygiene.

I had the opportunity to sit with him and further discuss some of his distinct dental practices. If you didn’t know, the world of dentistry goes far beyond a teeth cleaning or whitening. Procedures like Tooth Bonding, Enamel Reshaping and Biomimetic Dentistry are a few of the procedures that highlights Lazare’s expertise.

I know you’re like “what is biomimetic dentistry?“, don’t worry its a new word in my vocabulary as well.

Biomimetic dentistry describes the process of conserving your teeth. It treats rickety, fractured, and decaying teeth with a process that keeps them strong while shielding them from the invasion of bacteria. Biomimetic dentistry curtails the need for those gut wrenching procedures we all dread going to the dentist for by preserving what we have already!

Lazare is one of few dentists in New York City to be trained in and practice Biomimetic Dentistry which adds to his authenticity. Luckily for us his office is located in the heart of the Upper East Side at 115 East 61st, suite 14A.

Understanding the importance of dental hygiene has a deeper affect than just your teeth/mouth. According to Dr. Lazare, having a sufficient smile can also make one appear younger and build self confidence. The power of a bright smile!

Don’t let Dental Awareness Month close out without you booking a consultation with Dr. Lazare. Be sure to check his website to read up more on him and what else he is working on!