Vacant Lot Noir
Vacant Lot, NYC, 2018, NYC, Mark Giarrusso

New York City in February can be as beautiful as it is seemingly dismal. A quick walk around Midtown can show you the whole spectrum in one eye sweep of the landscape.


Cold Overnight Shift
Overnight Crew, NYC, 2018, Mark Giarrusso

From the bustle of the evening commute, to the haunting bare trees of a vacant lot.

Moon Over Chrysler Building
Chrysler Building, New York, NYC, 2018, Mark Giarrusso

The moonrise over the Chrysler Building and the overnight shift of a road crew powering through a freezing late night shift.

Cold Commute
Penn Station, NYC, 2018, Mark Giarrusso

It’s New York City in a freezing nutshell.