Three Olives Vodka
Credit: Three Olives Vodka

Okay I know you’re wondering what the hell is Day of The Dude?!! Don’t worry, you know Manhattan Digest has you covered on everything.

Day of The Dude is celebrated March 6th every year and it commences a day of taking it easy while doing as little as possible. This day derived from the movie The Big Lebowski which hit  theaters this same day 20 years ago.

Three Olives Vodka is re-releasing Three Olives Dude for a limited time in connection to this holiday.

Three Olives Dude provides a zingy flavor of lemon and lime which makes it an ideal starter for any citrus cocktails. With this bottle being a limited edition Dudes Day, you only have a limited time to purchase. Get it now cause after March 10th it may be gone forever! is the only place to secure your bottle.  Now that the snow storm is done, and the weekend is almost here, you can still celebrate Day of the Dude no matter what day it is as long as you pick up this delicious bottle from Three Olives.