Bowl & Blade
Credit: Bowl & Blade

Hosting an eclectic range of fruits, vegetables and meats, and pulling ideas from cuisines that range from Korea to Hawaii, Bowl & Blade might make for the most ambitious concept for a quick service outlet to come down the pipe in a while. “After working in fine dining world for the last 10 years, I wanted to take what I learned and bring it to a quick service,” explains founder-and-chef Adin Langille. “I wanted to make profit with great product.”

An alumnus of Johnson & Wales University, one of the best ranked cooking schools in the country, Langille migrated to Miami for two years after graduating, but made his way to New York afterwards which he has called his home for a decade now. He worked at several restaurants over the years including David Burke’s Fabrick and Spyglass, but perhaps most notably Junoon (CEO & Founder of Junoon, Rajesh Bhardwaj, is also a co-owner of Bowl & Blade). A restaurant known for its Indian cuisine, Junoon is one of the city’s most starred hotspots.

Credit: Bowl & Blade


Langille wanted to transfer his experience from working at high-end Manhattan restaurants into the outer boroughs. After executing some very wise strategies, he landed on setting up shop in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope. “I liked the demographic and lack of competition,” explained Langelle, who currently resides in Astoria, Queens. “We wanted to attract people that wanted something quick and affordable.”

So far, the strategy has been paying off very well. It’s reached out to families that live in the area as it gives them a satisfying meal for minimal costs, and it has a truly inviting atmosphere. Despite its tight-knit size, Bowl & Blade truly gestates succulence, thanks in part to its showcase of plant life (selected by Langille’s wife), and healthy dessert choices. In addition to the bowls, they also provide soft-serve frozen yogurt, served with fruits, syrup, and even a childhood favorite of Langille’s: peanut butter and banana!

Credit: Bowl & Blade

As one might expect, Langille has been plenty busy with the store’s success though. “I’ve done 12-15 hour days since opening the restaurant,” claimed Langille. While he claimed that he’s done similar hours at other restaurant openings he’s worked at, it’s also a much different experience with him as the store’s owner. Aside from satisfying customers, Langille also has to keep tabs on the store’s supplies. Given Bowl & Blade’s small size, it has to receive supplies and ingredients daily in order to be able to function.

Langille could not be happier with Bowl & Blade’s success. He hopes to set up other locations around New York soon, eventually moving into midtown Manhattan with a clean-cut box. He also says he’s toying with the idea of perhaps bringing in established cereals like Apple Jacks and Cinnamon Toast Crunch and combining them with his Frozen Yogurt dishes. Whatever the case, Bowl & Blade is a delicious and affable new lunch spot in Brooklyn, and a place that reflects the borough’s always blossoming disposition on innovation and start-ups.

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