Credit: Gym+Coffee

If you’ve been living under a rock then it would be no surprise that you’re not aware of the tremendous influence the health and wellness industry has on our lives. Remember the days when going to the gym was dreadful, now it’s a past time that people do with friends and family as a way to stay connected.

New Irish brand Gym+Coffee exemplifies that exact theory, combining your health and wellness journey with your leisure activities. Gym+Coffee was founded a year ago by three friends in Ireland who understood the growing impact that health and wellness has within our everyday lives. This brand represents the person that understands how your health is not just a fad but is also an entire lifestyle change.

Gym+Coffee is a brand that is not only meant to be worn at the gym. Their line of hoodies, T-shirts and soon to be leggings are so comfortable that they’re not only equipped for the gym but also for everyday activities.

The fabric is high quality and you’ll feel it as soon as you slip one of their sweaters over your shoulders. Let’s not forget their line of t-shirts that come in an array of colors that are breathable, making them ideal to wear during that morning run or a run to get a cup of coffee!

Gym+Coffee is the brand that wants to provide a sure essence of athlesuire without causing consumers to break the bank.

Be sure to check out the Gym+Coffee hype for yourself on their website. Once you get down with the Gym+Coffee family make you hashtag #MakeLifeRicher so the world can see your athleisure fit!