Credit: LMHQ

Lower Manhattan Headquarters, also known as LMHQ, is a community of thoughtful leaders who created a space for other leaders across many industries. This is the ideal location for creatives to collaborate and learn from each other through thought-provoking conversations. With a space so vital to creatives, one can imagine the type of amenities available to their members.

One of the luxuries that is near and dear to my heart is LMHQ’s monthly women’s breakfast. This breakfast series focuses on a distinct theme each month that resonates with our society.

The next breakfast will take place Thursday 5/17 at 8:30am and this month the theme is Who’s The Boss. A few notable women like Ukonwa Oja, Senior Vice President For Covergirl, Lindsay Nelson, CMO at Vox Media and Zoé Zeigler, VP Content Marketing & Media Strategy at JP Morgan Chase will stop by and give their insight on climbing the corporate ladder.

Credit: LMHQ

Nothing is better than coffee and conversation with women who have been where you currently are on your career path. Best thing about the series is you have the chance once a month to indulge. If this sounds like a room where you want to be heard then RSVP here.