Sojo Spa
Credit: Sojo Spa

Can we forget about the hustle and bustle of New York City for a moment and cross state lines over to New Jersey. Okay, before you screw your face up and ask why let me just begin by saying SoJo Spa Club!

SoJo Spa Club, located right outside of New York in Edgewater, NJ is a facility that awards an incomparable relaxing atmosphere. This Korean Bath House is a eight- story spa with each floor providing an immersive spa experience.

There are nine distinctive baths/pools to choose from, each catering to specific needs, however I suggest you to try them all! The Rooftop Infinity Pool sits on the 8th floor and renders impressive views of Manhattan, not to mention it’s heated. There is also a Carbon-Rich Bath which is equipped with natural carbon dioxide to elevate blood oxygen levels to purify circulation.

These pools + baths aren’t the only reason people are beginning to flock here, it may also be the vast selection of saunas and therapy rooms. Just like the baths, each steam room focuses on a specific need. The Red Clay Sauna accelerates the oxygenation that aids in releasing toxins from the pores and muscles. There is also a Himalayan Salt Sauna! We all know the positive affects of Himalayan Salt we use it in our food, imagine those positive affects x10. This sauna helps you sweat from deep inside the body at a lower room rate. Talk about detoxifying!

Outside of the baths and saunas, SoJo Spa is known for their wonderful spa services. There is one in particular that stands out among the rest: the Korean Body Scrub.

If you never had one, let the first time you experience it be at SoJo Spa. The Korean Body Scrub begins with you steaming or soaking for 15 minutes to open up your pores. You will then be led to a semi-private area this is where the magic happens! Warm water is applied to the body while laying down on a massage table and then lavender oil is used during the scrub… imagine as you’re scrubbing away dead skin the new layer is being replenished with moisture. If that does not sell you then the milk rinse followed by a full body massage definitely would. The Korean Body Scrub will open you’re eyes to a new perspective of self-care.

SoJo Spa Club should be on your list for amazing places to experience! Ideal for a girls day or a lovers quest. If you’re coming from New York don’t fret, they have a shuttle service that will pick you up and drop you off!

Check the website for further information and we can’t wait to hear about yoire SoJo Spa experience!