Company XIV
Photo by Phillip Van Nostrand

The Bulls are in Bushwick. I don’t mean the basketball bunch from Chicago. Nor am I talking about the kind who run rampant through the streets a la the fiesta of San Fermin in Pamplona. Oh no. These bulls are taut, muscled men writhing with sexual electricity in Company XIV’s new show, Boylesque Bullfight.

Fans of this critically-acclaimed dance company have likely followed their rise from performances in the West Village to their new permanent home in Brooklyn. Their well-known spins on classic fairy tales including Cinderella, Snow White, and The Nutcracker have become something of a tradition for those seeking nips of naughtiness and dollops of decadence.

This time, director Austin McCormick uses the children’s tale,  The Story of Ferdinand by author Munro Leaf as the backdrop. With an all-male ensemble and one female matador,  McCormick employs his usual creative blend of music genres and dance styles.

Photo by Phillip Van Nostrand

Sure, there’s a story, but it’s practically as thin as a thong. Speaking of, there’s no shortage of them here either. As these “bulls” push, pull, and spin themselves around with homoerotic tension, they move with athletic prowess to the tunes of Yma Sumac, Gloria Gaynor, and Georges Bizet.

It’s an odd combination, but one that completely works. While wall street often fluctuates,  this is one bull market that is sure to give a rise even when you’re seated.

Even tireless dancers need a break. This weekend is the last chance to catch this delicious spectacle but fear not. They’ll be back in all their Taurean glory to continue the same show beginning September 7th.

Company XIV’s Boylesque Bullfight. 383 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY. Now through July 29th. Reopens September 7th. For tickets and more information, visit