Credit: Hennessy

For Hennessy’s 8th Annual Limited Edition Bottle release, the brand partnered up with Lisbon born artist, Alexandre Farto aka Vhils.

Vhils is an artist who utilizes stencil painting, wall cravings and 3D modeling (to say the least) to design stimulating art all around the world. This installment will be his first alliance with Hennessy in addition to being his debut mural for the Little Italy Street Act (L.I.S.A) Project.

Hennessy is a brand that shows pride for linking Art & Hip-Hop together while bringing both groups of devotee’s as one through the brands legacy. This particular partnership with Vhils is unique with the way it embodies that exact mantra. He created a piece that fits precisely into the “never stop, never settle” theme in which these limited edition bottles derived from.

Vhils has a love for music and it’s commonly expressed through his art. He decided to apply his distinct “scratching the surface” technique as a way to celebrate TJ Mizell for his debut mural. TJ is the son of the late Jam Master Jay, and a rising star to a new generation of hip hop & culture creatives in New York, and did we mention he is a DJ as well.

The mural can be seen at 140 Elizabeth Street, making this the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Vhils work.

The limited edition bottle is now available to purchase for all Hennessy enthusiasts to take home a piece of Vhils work with them!

For more information on Hennessy, please check out their official website.