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There are so many things that are synonymous with New York City culture, some well known- others only a bred New Yorker would be privy to. The Blue Man Group is a staple NY 90’s grunge culture icon and guess what, they’re getting a makeover!

One may wonder how can you give a makeover to a group of men who made their mark by being completely “made-up”. My suggestion would be to add a certain flair to the group that will attract a new generation of New Yorkers who have yet to indulge. Project Runway All Star Helen Castillo understood this which is why she was the one chosen to revitalize the costumes of the group. A costume that has not been touched in their whole 27-year run.

Helen has put the same edgy and inspiring swag that she bestowed unto her own line onto the wardrobe of The Blue Man Group.

© Andrew Zaeh | ZAEH, LLC

This collaboration highlights the importance of 90’s fashion/culture and how it has an influence on our society today. Helen was able to make the connection between the shows history and her current collection for them.

“One of my favorite parts of the performance is when the Blue Men grab an audience member, dress them in a coverall jumpsuit, and swing them against a canvas after being covered in paint. It’s so unexpected and served as the inspiration for my limited edition garment.  I created a coverall jumpsuit sourced from lightweight cotton canvas material to embody the literal canvas of the performance piece and then added hints of the iconic Blue Men blue for details on my design.”

The jumpsuits she created are unisex, have color-blocking and that favorable tuxedo stripe that is trending all over. With this being known, don’t be surprised if you see some snazzy New Yorkers basking in this outfit with the fall season approaching. The limited edition Blue Man Group-inspired jumpsuit will be available online at Helen Castillo’s website.

© Andrew Zaeh | ZAEH, LLC

I know we can’t wait for the release… how about you!