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Credit: McKittrick Hotel

Another Halloween has come and gone, and we’re quickly sliding into Thanksgiving. However, I’m still basking in the McKittrick Hotel’s annual Halloween Inferno party!

If you’re not that familiar with The McKittrick, you might be familiar with the show Sleep No More, located in the same space. And for those of you not familiar with it, it’s a piece of immersive theater, and the McKittrick Hotel weaves it’s way in and out of the floors of the performance space. During Inferno, most of the hotel and it’s various chambers play host to a huge party, staffed with DJs, live music, dancers, and secret out of the way areas for you to get lost in.

Credit: McKittrick Hotel

Costumes are encouraged. It’s stated on the ticket/invitation. The theme varies, though it tends to remain in the dark, mysterious, and horrifying. This year was “The Occult.” I do have a monk’s outfit and VERY large bound book in my closet (One year, I went to Comic Con dressed as Destiny from the Sandman. Some of you will get this reference). I figured this would do, and the book (which is hollowed out) made a great place to store my phone and things.

My plus one and I got to the party at what felt late to us, but was probably early, especially considering the NYC night life. We checked in, checked our bags, and headed into the venue. At first, it’s rather confusing, as the set up is EXTREMELY dark and twisting which immediately puts you in the mood for occult deeds.

From there, we were thrusted into a red lit lobby with a bar, a live band, and people hanging out, drinking, wearing some amazing and scary costumes. At this point in time, we were waiting for the doors leading down to the ballroom to open, but there was plenty to keep us occupied. From the open bar, to the other open bar, to the various performers and musicians, there was always something to see. And then the ballroom doors opened.

Credit: McKittrick Hotel

From there, things start to get hazy. After a quick performance, we were free to wander around and enjoy. As the night progressed, various floors and rooms opened up, each with their own secrets to explore. There was a hallway with face painting that lead to a speakeasy where a group of women danced on chairs. On another, a pathway through a ruined graveyard lead to spiderwebs made of ropes where figures climbed under black lights. Everywhere we walked, figures cavorted in masks and costumes to music coming from all places.

Credit: McKittrick Hotel

If you missed Inferno, don’t worry. More events and parties are coming up. Check out the McKittrick Hotel’s website to find out more and sign up for the mailing list so you don’t miss anything!

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