Christmas in Hell
Credit: Carol Rosegg

New musical comedy Christmas In Hell opens with a full-cast lament about fruitcake, and it’s a bite of the deadly stuff, decades old, that causes eight-year-old Davin to start behaving badly, pretty much because he missed Christmas when he was down in Hell being claimed by the Devil (don’t ask–it’s too complicated to explain but it’s reasonably funny to watch unfold).

The story is silly but usually entertaining; the songs, cheeky, and often clever. The actors careen through this campy musical with dedication and gusto. There are some moments filled with less-than-inspired lyrics or dialog, but there’s enough of oddball, quirky humor to make you chuckle throughout.

For a breezy good time, skip the fruitcake, check your expectations at the door and come see this not-so-wholesome holiday trifle.

Christmas in Hell plays through December 30, 2018 at The York Theatre Company at Saint Peter’s (619 Lexington Avenue, entrance on East 54th Street, just east of Lexington Avenue). For information and tickets, visit here.