Liangtse Wellness
Credit: Liangtse Wellness

There are a million and one spas around New York City, yet there is only one Liangtse Wellness.

Liangtse Wellness is a spa that specializes in customary Chinese messages and techniques that recently opened up their first US location. The brand is very prominent in China and Europe with there being over 400 shops worldwide.

Their new location is tucked away in the heart of Midtown East at 150 E. 55th Street. From the outside looking in you have no idea what you’re about to walk into, but nonetheless, your gut feeling knows it is going to be worth your time.

Entering Liangtse Wellness you immediately feel as if you went back into time and transitioned into a Chinese Palace.  The decor alone should solidify that one of kind experience your joints are about to partake in.

There is an array of massages that people will flock here to get yet there are two distinct services that set Liangte Wellness apart from other spas: Chi Balancing Back Oil Massage & Moxa Healing Therapy.

Stress is something that we can’t escape, especially living in such a big city like New York. Like most people, you may carry your stress in your back or even your legs. The Chi Balancing Back Massage has the cure for those knots that keep you stiff. With the use of essential oils and heat, the body’s extremities are loosened up which results in blood flow.

Moxa Healing Therapy combines Chinese antidotes with cutting-edge technology. What makes this procedure so unique is the usage of dried medicinal herbs and heating them over areas of pain. If you have shoulder or calf pain than this service is for you. With emphasis being placed on a targeted area LED lights are also added to activate the herbs. Trust me when I say you’re guaranteed to leave feeling lighter on the feet.

Liangtse Wellness is here and I’m glad that they are. If you’re on the quest for a place the focuses on healing while revitalizing you then this is the place.

Let us know in the comment how you enjoy the place once you do visit. More information on them here.