Credit: Spiritea

Say goodbye to your boba and hello to Spiritea. This swanky tea spot is a recent addition to the East Village and is gonna give your go to boba tea spot a run for their money.

Spiritea only uses all-natural ingredients! No frozen fruit, no weird powders. Just fruits, house-made milk blends, and all-natural Monin Pure Cane Syrup.

Credit: Spiritea

While there is zero boba served in this tea spot, Spiritea is the first place in NYC to serve Peach Jelly. Made from resin found in wild peach trees, peach jelly is rich in dietary fibers and considered a lux beauty food throughout Asia.

Brown Sugar Milk Peach Jelly Tea is a delicious treat! And I loved the texture of the Peach Jelly. This drink takes over 14 hours to prepare! But don’t worry it’s all ready to go when you order it!

I also tried:

Super Orange Fruitea – Very refreshing and perfect for a hot summer’s day. It is a perfect balance between fruit and tea.

Strawberry Cloud Tea – This was incredibly decadent. The cloud part of the tea is comparable to a liquid cheesecake! This is a yummy treat for sure!

Perfume Oolong Tea – Nice aroma and body. Perfect for the tea snob in us all!

Credit: Alex Chester

For more info be sure to check out their website: https://spiriteadrinks.com/