Gigawatt Garden
Credit: Assante Public Relations

Those looking for a more niche and playful atmosphere amidst mid-town hustle and bustle are in luck. The Lure Group, a hospitality company based in the New York and committed to providing entertainment venues and restaurants, is launching a  Gigawatt Garden at Clinton Hall, which promises to provide patrons with ample food, drinks and music during the long (sometimes overbearingly) hot summer months.

Located adjacent to the lobby of the POD 51 Hotel (230 E. 51st Street), the space provides a colorful atmosphere that emits a sense of fun and relief the second anyone lays eyes on it. Games like Connect 4 and Cards Against Humanity adorn the outdoor tables, inviting patrons to play them and socialize with each other. Also, keeping with the light atmosphere, the menu includes a wide variety of cocktails, including froses which are certain to cool people down from the summer heat.

Assante Public Relations

The launch party for Gigawatt Garden proved to be a huge success. Featuring a wide-variety of dishes from Executive Chef Darryl Harmon, patrons could help themselves to chicken wings, hamburgers, vegan sandwiches, sourdough pretzels, fries and more.

The event boasted an eclectic group of people, all willing to chat and make new friends. The games on displayed were all played, including one table of about half-a-dozen that had a particularly invigorating match of the ever-salty card game, Cards Against Humanity.

One thing the launch party lacked however, that future Gigawatt Garden’s will certainly hold, is this: live music. The Lure Group has booked a wide variety of musicians to perform at the venue, such as Mark Weiser, Guitaro 5000 and Eva Gertz. The garden’s nestled ambiance really does make it an ideal location for artists that would more typically play in “hip” bars in places like Williamsburg or the Lower East Side, and with mouth-watering prospects to come if the project proves successful.

The Gigawatt Garden will be open for the summer and fall on Thursdays and Fridays from 4:00 – 10:00 PM, Saturdays from 2:00 – 10:00 PM, and Sundays 2:00 – 8:00 PM, and will also host an air beer garden for private events. Those upset with the mournful closings of NYC bars and music venues in the last few months, will find a nice little make-up spot here, in Manhattan of all places too!