If you know Hennessy, then you are aware of how the brand embodies the legacy of “Never Stopping & Never Settling.” This year marks the 9th installment of them collaborating with an artist who embraces that exact motif to recreate an amazing new bottle design.

Felipe Pantone is a world-renowned artist whose artistic aesthetics blends mesmerizing color, bold graphics and 3D illusions to captivate onlookers.

He brought that abstract flair to the new bottle design while also bringing back the three stars, an antiqued V.S design. His motivation was to create a design that can be interpreted in many ways. My interpretation is that the bottle is giving me serious vintage video game vibes.

In conjunction with the new bottle design, Hennessy commissioned art, fashion and music icon, A$AP Ferg, to remake a traditional Hennessy V.S cocktail.

Available August 1st via Cocktail Couriert, his cocktail features some of the characteristics of Pantone’s bottle design, so of course the name of the drink would be called The Dimensional!

The limited-edition bottle and cocktail is how Hennessy celebrates innovators and cultural influencers globally by connecting them to a customized cocktail.

With the combination of the lemon and ginger ingredients, this makes for a refreshing drink to keep you electrified for the rest of the summer.

More info on Hennessy can be found here.