Credit: Steve White

I had the honor of attending BELLA New York’s Annual Hamptons Party at The Southampton Social Club on Saturday, August 3. Editor in Chief Courtenay Cooper Hall knows how to throw a party!

The attire was white, the vibe was summer bright and the scene was more than just alright. The first time I’d ever heard of an all-white party was when I was a kid hearing about Diddy’s legendary Hampton’s party.

The pressure was on! For my first outing to Southampton I had to bring my A-game. Can I just say that my anxiety was on a full-time high? Don’t spill anything, don’t get too close to that one with too much make up on, watch out for that one with the red wine. Yikes!

Once I got a few BELLA specialty cocktails in me, that anxiety went away. My favorite was the Bella on the Beach (a remix of sex on the beach).

BELLA New York
Credit: Steve White

The biggest arrivals at the party were the guests of honor Tyler Henry of the TV show Hollywood Medium and Sports Illustrated model Camille Kostek, whose beauty screams summer!

One great moment was when Tyler’s sunscreen lotion started to drip down his face under the blaring sun during an interview.

More than a few people stepped up to clean him up. Maybe they were possessed by spirits from the other side. But he had a free glam squad magically appear! I wonder if he saw that coming.

Another fun highlight was getting both Camille and Tyler to trade magazine covers with each other’s faces. Cause taking a photo with your face on the cover is so obvious.

BELLA New York
Credit: Steve White

The DJ kept the dance floor jumping by playing 80s classics from Michael Jackson, Prince & Rick James and people actually danced! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and my kind of all white attire got through it unscathed! Hey!

For more information on BELLA New York, click here.

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