Credit: Maxim’s at The Norm

While the Brooklyn Museum has hosted a plethora of internationally flavored exhibits in recent years (dedicated to everyone from historical artists like Frida Kahlo, to boundary-pushing rock icons like David Bowie), its currently highlighted exhibit, Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion, is dynamic even by their standards. The legendary fashion designer was known for his futuristic designs and minimalist sculptures, all of which adorn the museum’s top floor, in a dizzying array that still feels outer-dimensional. It’s a real treat for consumers of art and fashion, but the exhibit also brings a very welcome treat to foodies.

Credit: Maxim’s at The Norm

In a nod to Cardin’s extensive legacy, The Brooklyn Museum’s restaurant The Norm has turned into Maxim’s at the Norm. Those accustomed to his history will realize that this is a reference to his restaurant Maxim’s de Paris, which is just as famous for its Art Nouveau décor as it is for its menu. While The Norm won’t be replicating that restaurant in all aspects, it will be trying their hardest to pay homage to its Parisian aesthetic and taste (with aid from operators Great Performance Hospitality Group).

The cooking staff at the Norm at Maxim’s is looking at old menus from the famed restaurant and trying to play off that in a cheaper way. Those that come to The Norm during the summer months will have plenty of sweet-flavored options, including a delectable cucumber soup that should make for the perfect appetizer. Entrees include Fresh Herb Pasta, Steak Frites and Branzino en Papillote, and meals can be topped off with delicious ice cream. Furthermore, with the Chez Maxim Prix Fixe at only $45, it’s easily the most affordable option for New Yorkers that want a real taste of Parisian cuisine.

Credit: Maxim’s at The Norm

If the menu doesn’t quite catch your eye, well it still has two more chances to do so. Maxim’s at The Norm will change its menu listings twice in the fall, before closing on January 5th, 2020, as Maxim’s de Paris house cookbook, Chez Maxim, is an extensive one. While the Pierre Cardin exhibit is a must-attend for many reasons, it’s only supplemented by one of the best museum restaurant menus in the city.

Maxim’s at The Norm will pop-up at the Brooklyn Museum July 2- to Jan 5, Wednesday thru Sunday at 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn. NY 11238. More information here.


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