Beyond Sushi
Credit: Beyond Sushi

While sushi is often correlated with raw fish, this isn’t a mandated ingredient. In fact, sushi is a viable vegan option, as it can be paired exclusively with fruit and vegetables, which is a concept that Beyond Sushi has had enormous success with.

With five locations in Manhattan since opening as small storefront on 14th Street in 2012, Beyond Sushi offers one of the most diverse and healthy selections for vegan patrons. Founded by Guy Vaknin and his wife Tali, Beyond Sushi has catered to its audience with distinct sushi options and other mouth-watering dishes that include sliders and ravioli.

Guy and his culinary team also impose unconventional pairings of fruits and vegetables (if you ever wanted to try torched broccoli, spinach, plum tomatoes, and baby watercress in one sitting, here’s your place!), as well as implementing recipes that you’re not likely to find anywhere else in the states (Guy has some select ones that are borrowed from his Moroccan grandmother).

As an eatery that values seasonal fare, Beyond Sushi has an augmented fall menu for all of their locations, particularly at their W. 37th street spot. The largest of their eateries (as well as the first one to also boast a vivacious bar), this Midtown location quickly became Beyond Sushi’s most successful restaurant in terms of volume. The bustle of Midtown often brings in people looking to have a healthy meal, and serving slider burgers and potato kebabs as succulent as the ones here, it’s nearly unbelievable to think that that the chef team doesn’t use any meat at all. “Only 40% of our customers are vegan,” explains Tali Vaknin. “This wasn’t originally our conception, but it’s worked out very well for us!”

Tali says that Beyond Sushi receives 3-4 requests a week for franchising outside of New York. So far they haven’t accepted any offers, but they aren’t averse to doing so in the future, perhaps even finding areas to work with on the west coast. In the meantime though, Guy and Tali are more concerned with renovating their open locations, and making them feel closer to a full-dining experience.

“We’re going to remain quick and casual, but we also want to offer our customers more,” Tali explains. Their 37th street location will indeed host several private events this fall season, including a wedding!  Veganism has been on the rise in America over the last few years, and with quality establishments like Beyond Sushi, it’s easy to see why!

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