Roots of Italy
View of the town of Positano from terrace with flowers, Amalfi Coast, Italy

So many Americans want to learn a foreign language, but few have the time or discipline to sustain ongoing classes. Domenico Sannino understands. Recently, the CEO of Italy Emotion T.O. was in New York City to introduce the “Roots of Italy” project. Its purpose is to introduce or refresh Italian Americans to their native roots through intensive language courses–all in the splendor and beauty of Italy.

Photo by Italy Emotion

Sannino, formerly a tour guide on the famed Mount Vesuvius, wished to expand his offerings beyond the scientific aspect to include more cultural events. In addition to the deep immersion of language, there are several excursions over the two-week timeframe. Guided tours to Sorrento, Amalfi, Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Vesuvius are included in the package. There is also a welcome party, a visit to a winery, cooking classes, a farewell party, and certification for the course.

Temple ruins at the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, Italy. which was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius (seen in the background) volcanic eruption in AD 79. Photo by Italy Emotion.

Sannino, a resident of the Campania region, joined several of his fellow Camapanians in New York at a church on Sunday, October 13th in the Bronx for the 17th Annual Columbus Award. Here, they awarded Hon. Rosetta D’Amelio, President of the Regional Council of the Campania Region and “Corale Vesuvania” a choir directed by Maestro Domenico Cozzolino. The chorus will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year and has become a vital part of the Campanian region by celebrating the traditions and culture of the area. Antonella Ciaramella of the Campania Region Council for Emigration was also in attendance.

The choir performed Saturday the 12th in Brooklyn, Sunday the 13th in The Arthur Avenue section of the Bronx, and on Monday in the NYC Columbus Day Parade.

Photo by Italy Emotion

Following Sunday’s awards ceremony, all participants and visitors were all treated to dinner at Patricia’s Tremont restaurant in the Bronx where D’Amelio offered some comments on the Roots of Italy project. “This is very important for Campania–and for Italy. Those who have experienced it have been able to reconnect to their roots and traditions. I’m happy that something like this exists,” he said.

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