Blue Circle Foods
Credit: Blue Circle Foods

What really makes for good salmon? In fact, perhaps a better question might be this: What qualifies as edible salmon? Seafood lovers may be shocked to hear that very frequently, served salmon hosts a plethora of undesirable artificial chemicals in them such as antibiotics and growth hormones. These features can be problematic, especially for those that eat a pescatarian diet for health reasons, which is why Blue Circle Foods is so dedicated towards serving fish in not just the healthiest way possible, but the most sustainable way.

Founded in 2005, Blue Circle Foods has strived to make good on its mantra to deliver farmed salmon without any added chemicals. Its Norwegian salmon is raised in crisp arctic waters and prepared in the most natural and delicate fashion. Furthermore, the company also recognizes that there are more mouths to feed than there are fish in the ocean. “I’ve never met a company that pushes the envelope as much as Blue Circle does,” explains David Pilat, a former Whole Foods market employee who now serves as Vice President of Business Development for Blue Circle. “We’re taking less fish out of the ocean to create one pound of edible sandwich. That’s no small feat!”

It certainly isn’t a small feat at all, which is why the Canadian marine conservation group, Ocean Wise, placed Blue Circle as the only seafood brand they’d recommend for salmon. This caused seafood purveyor, The Lobster Place, to take notice, and they reached out to start a partnership. Their partnership has gone glowingly, although they are pushing for restaurants to notice their brands significance. Sustainable salmon is a little more expensive than the standard, but they’ve certainly also been gaining more attention from reputable restaurants.

Last month, The Cull and Pistol Oyster Bar hosted a private event to showcase the desirable effects of sustainable salmon. It was a large success, with a big turnout that included several interested parties from the restaurant world, and the food was simply divine. Salmon wraps and sandwiches were offered throughout the night, and they contained a rich flavor that simply melted on one’s taste buds. It just goes to show how a little extra care and finesse can do so much more for salmon than manufactured chemicals can.

Both The Lobster Place and Blue Circle Foods are hoping to expand their message and their vision in the coming years. “This event is a first for us and I hope that we garner more interest,” explains Lobster Place CEO, Ian MacGregor. “We want to tell consumers, chefs and businesses that farmed fish is good for the world, and good for you.”

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