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The gambling market is strictly regulated in the United Kingdom and the UK GC does an excellent job at keeping it fair. Legitimate casinos need to apply for a license and only after they secure it will they be able to provide their services to local punters. The fact that the United Kingdom Gambling Commission has succeeded has a two-pronged effect, as players feel secure, while also being motivated to bet real money. Legislators are hell-bent on maintaining the status quo, but they are also concerned about protecting vulnerable players and that’s how online gaming advertising restrictions came to be.

TV gambling ads are under scrutiny

Much of the gambling advertising is delivered to prospective players on television, so this is what the lawmakers are carefully watching. They are justly concerned that some of the marketing campaigns could target young individuals and people who are easier to influence. On one hand, they require casinos and bookmakers to comply with the strict rules currently in effect, on the other, they contemplate new avenues of reducing the risks even further.

Gambling advertising limitations on the top rated bingo sites do exist and they are about to get tougher, as gaming companies often comply voluntarily. The decision to stop broadcasting advertisements during the live sports events is one example, but there are some who feared that the worst is yet to come. Lawmakers were only partially happy with the outcome of these new measures and many are pushing for further restrictions. A full online gambling advertising ban in the UK is not exactly around the corner, but can’t be dismissed either.

What does the future of UK gambling holds?

Bookmakers and casinos that operate legally in the United Kingdom are likely to continue their operations for many years to come. That’s because a lot of money goes to the state coffers as a result of taxing the industry and the UK GC is a diligent watchdog. Players feel safe and enjoy gambling at licensed casinos, so at least on paper, everyone is happy about the current direction of UK gambling.

In regards to the TV ads and the online marketing campaigns, there’s a good chance for things to take a turn for the worse. Having said this, the only ones that should be really concerned about what the future will bring are the online casinos and bookmakers. If the lawmakers have their way and more gambling advertising restrictions will be put in place, they might have a more difficult task conveying the message.

In a world where getting the message through is so important, any obstacles erected by lawmakers can prove to be painful for gambling operators. Politicians are susceptible to public pressure and over the years, they have proven their willingness to take a tough line against the gambling industry. This has always been an easy target when it came to scoring electoral points, while taking very few chances.