David Burke
Credit: Jenna Murray

Bar snacks were once simply dried up pretzels and stale popcorn that only tasted worse and worse as your evening progressed. Woodpecker by David Burke, located in a cozy part of Midtown West, makes you forget about all of that in favor of items that are so tasty you may just fill up on them before your actual mean begins (mwahahaha).

Woodpecker by David Burke is a moderately sized location with a very relaxed vibe inside of it. The sprawling bar, easily noticeable from the minute you check your coat, is where I found myself one cozy night recently to experience all this place had to offer when it came to their new bar treats.

What’s fantastic about this part of their menu is the affordability of each item on top of how tasty everything is. The prices range from $7 to $14 and all of them are shareable so if you are eating on a budget then this might be the place for you.

Here is what I recommend you ordering the next time you find yourself here. The Lamb Meatballs, with fresh goat cheese, cucumber, basil, house made bread, is simply divine and such a warm bite or two to devour during the cold months.

Their Basket of K Town Style Wings with sesame, soy and sriracha is also heavenly. You can also sink your teeth into lesser priced but equally as yummy menu items like their Marinated Olives with citrus, chili flakes and their DB Potato Chips & Dip with B1 mayo, house made bbq, herbed malt vinegar.

More information can be found here.