Junzi Kitchen
Credit: Junzi Kitchen

The world of fast casual restaurants continues its domination in New York City as many of them are going above and beyond with what we can eat when we are in a rush. Junzi Kitchen excels in that and then some by providing its customers with some of the most delicious Northern Chinese cuisine available to you at your disposal.

Junzi Kitchen has quickly become a staple for residents and visitors all around The Big Apple to enjoy in only five years. What the creators of this fantastic place have done is taken their passion for Northern Chinese cuisine and thrown in some healthy and seasonal ingredients into each dish they create which has left smiles on every face that has left their multiple locations, one of which is wedged between Bryant Park and Times Square on W. 41st street.

Credit: Junzi Kitchen

I stopped by there last week to see what all the fuss was about as I’ve heard rave reviews about this place from many of my friends and boy oh boy did they not disappoint. The highlight of what Junzi Kitchen provides is their noodle bowls, which as a noodle fanatic myself made me as happy as a clam the instant I took a look at the kind of offerings they had in this particular department.

One that I highly recommend getting the next time you are at Junzi Kitchen is their Tomato Pork bowl as I’m still salivating thinking about it all this time later. It comes with the following: knife noodles, tomato & egg sauce, braised pork hock, cabbage & leeks, pickled daikon, cilantro. All of the ingredients inside sing so well together, with the tomato & egg sauce scoring extra points for just how yummy it is. Such a great dish to enjoy especially during the winter months.

Credit: Junzi Kitchen

Something that I also really enjoyed, on the smaller side, was their variety of drinks that go beyond what you would normally see at a fast casual place. Their Vitasoy juice boxes, like the lychee juice one, is nothing short of absolutely refreshing to drink out of. Consider this to be an adult version of something we would have as a child with our lunch. They also have a delicious Mango Pudding to enjoy after you’ve finished your meal that is topped with whipped coconut cream. Yummy indeed.

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