Photo courtesy of JT Public Relations

While Ain’t too Proud, the Temptations bio-musical, continues to play to sold out crowds on Broadway, a lesser known quartet from down under recently made a huge splash downtown.

The Modern Māori Quartet wraps a brief engagement  tonight at the Soho Playhouse as part of a trio of New Zealand shows and it is truly one for the books.

This extremely talented foursome, comprised of Matu Ngaropo, Jamie McCaskill, Maaka Pohatu, and Matariki Whatarau offers deliciously smooth harmonies reminiscent of The Temptations, Four Tops, and The Ink Spots–combined with a plot and goofiness recalling the long running favorite musical,  Forever Plaid.

For those unfamiliar, Maori people are native to New Zealand and–like many Native Americans–their culture has been largely diminished or destroyed.  Yet their pride survives.

The Quartet’s self directed 60 minute show Two Worlds, covers national pride, racism, unrequited love, and the perils of war. It is hard not be simultaneously moved and amused by their skillful antics. It’s even harder not to admire their impeccably smoothe vocals. The act premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017 and they’ve been wowing audiences with it ever since.

Although they are finishing their downtown engagement tonight, let’s hope that New Yorkers welcome these dapper fellows back with open arms soon. Judging from the warm welcome they received during Saturday’s show, it’s a safe bet that they’ll want to return.

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