Conrad New York Midtown
Credit: Mark Weinberg

If you are looking for elegance, sophistication and even a delicious place to eat at then look no further because Conrad New York Midtown provides all of that and then some.

Any chance I get to use the word “swanky” in an article is a good thing and that is exactly what Conrad New York Midtown serves to each of its guests from the time they check in to the time they check out. The Conrad brand is a bit of an institution here in The Big Apple as they are one of the more known names that inhabit our city which proves that they must have something going on in order for it to continue to thrive year after year.

Credit: Mark Weinberg

I was lucky enough to dine, dish and enjoy a lovely night’s rest there recently where everything that I encountered was nothing short of fabulous. First off, the labyrinth of a lobby that greets you right when you walk inside is simply spectacular to look at. It includes some fantastic artwork, like Leda & The Swan (seen above) as well as some beautiful lighting and high ceilings that really give it a classy kind of vibe. Also the customer service is top notch which is vital for any kind of hotel stay.

The rooms are just fabulous. Seriously fabulous. The one that I stayed in included a wonderful view of the city that was amazing to look at from 20 plus floors up. Everything inside read plush, plush and more plush as the bed was so comfortable that I didn’t want to leave. There was also a chic living room of sorts where you could relax on their sprawling couch while watching your favorite shows.

Credit: Mark Weinberg

But wait… there’s more! Conrad New York Midtown also has an amazing restaurant located on its premises called Dabble. Dabble provides its guests with mouthwatering Modern American cuisine that has an element of art added to the overall experience given just how amazing the dishes look on their plates before we eat them.

Standout options that you must try the next time you are there include their Caramelized Onion Dip and Roasted Chicken with mashed potatoes, mushrooms, pan jus. I’m still salivating thinking about both.

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