Gild Hall
Credit: Gild Hall

The Financial District is an area of Manhattan that tends to become a dead zone after 5PM. There are, however, some amazing places that keep it alive and well on top of relaxing and sophisticated. One of those spots happens to be Gild Hall which provides its customers with everything you can imagine from food to fun and much more.

Gild Hall, located on Gold Street (steps away from the Fulton Street stop) is a hidden gem that deserves way more exposure. It’s a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle that is Manhattan as the area that surrounds it is peaceful and serene. What a great combo: the thrill of staying in The Big Apple without all the noise that goes along with it. Sign me up. Seriously.

The entrance to Gild is far different from many others in that its quaint but fun to look at. Behind where you check in are a myriad of books that are stacked all the way up in a fun & whimsical way and a restaurant that serves up some truly tasty food (more on that later). You then get whisked up in the elevator to your room where the word posh hits you in your face after your arrival.

The rooms are designed to be spacious, comfortable and above all to fit your wants and needs. Their bedding is nothing short of absolutely divine to rest your head on as you relax inside a space that is beautifully decorated.

You also don’t need to leave Gild in order to fill up your belly with tasty items! Felice Ristorante, located right when you walk inside, provides its customers with an array of Italian cuisine at night and hearty breakfast options in the morning that will make even the pickiest of eaters happy. Items like their classic Bruschetta and Fettuccine alla Bolognese will make you one happy culinary camper after you depart from its rich and lovely space.

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