Credit: Masti

Curry can be hard to pull off here in New York. The Indian dish is often considered to be best complimented with a certain mixture of spices and herbs that aren’t always indigenous to America. Still, giving how multi-ethnic Brooklyn is, one would hope that there would be at least a few curry spots available there, and now we have a new winning example of such.

On January 22nd, Masti Indian Grill and Chaat Bar opened in Williamsburg, and has proven to be a successful mesh of traditional Indian standards with the food tasting downright delicious. Channeling the famous Curry Bazaar, a renowned local curry spot in London, Masti is a quaint dining spot that offers patrons a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of one of Brooklyn’s most busy neighborhoods. Also, lit in a subtle but effective brown, and adorned with posters of Indian films, Masti almost feels like a retreat from America as a whole!

Owned by the married couple of Linda Mahkovec and Ruhel Amin, two foodies that have worked in the culinary world for decades, Masti values quality in food just as much as it does atmosphere. The kitchen, helmed by Executive Chef Abdul Jabber (who had previously worked at Curry Bazaar) has a strict policy for freshness in all of its meals. This policy really pays off, as there’s just such an authentic creaminess to the curry here, that other Indian spots just don’t have. Whether the Bhuna (a thick curry accentuated by onions and garlic) or spicier curry like Bhuna, the dishes are all sumptuous, and of more import, the restaurant retains this even in its grab-and-go option. Yes, Masti does offer delivery, which has encouraged even more customers to come in and dine.

It was a long standing dream of both Mahovec and Armin to open a restaurant in New York with their particular values, and so far it’s proven to be a huge success.

They may even have plans to expand in the future, but right now they’re concentrating on making Masti as outstanding as it can possibly be. They plan to introduce a mocktail menu soon, as while the restaurant doesn’t plan on serving alcohol, they have a plethora of ingredients available to make elusive and sumptuous drinks. Williamsburg’s already progressive restaurant sphere just became a bit more so, and it’s likely the best option residents have for top-notch curry.

More info can be found here.