Credit: Tavolino

Hell’s Kitchen is filled with an endless variety of delicious cuisines to devour in one of the trendiest areas of the city. Tavolino, which provides its patrons with scrumptious Sicilian options from pizza to pasta and more, is a standout in this area for that and oh so much more.

The culinary world of New York City can sometimes find itself being way too much when it comes to the food it serves. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with providing classic dishes in a modern world that your customers are already knowledgeable of. That’s the kind of experience you will have at Tavolino, which finds itself in the perfect part of Hell’s Kitchen on 37th Street and 9th Avenue.

Tavolino’s insides are cozy and sophisticated, the perfect for a restaurant like this should you be looking for an amazing night in the best city in the world. My best advice for you would be to come as hungry as possible as their menu is filled with items that will leave you superbly full in the best of ways when you exit its location.

This isn’t just your pasta and sauce type of ordeal. Tavolino’s menu is amazing as you will devour everything from their one-of-a-kind crostinis to their uniquely prepared pizza items and more. Here are some that I recommend you sinking your teeth into. Their Burrata Pesto Crostini, served with heirloom tomato, is a great way to start your meal. The cheese tastes very fresh with its counterparts in the pesto and tomato only enhancing how tasty the dish is.

Other standouts for me include their Calabrese Bona Pizza. This is for those who love spice but don’t enjoy it in an overpowering way. Hot Soppressata, Fresh Ricotta, Plum Tomato Sauce and Basil. Four ingredients. A couple of bites. Happy camper after eating. Simple as that.

More information on Tavolino can be found here.