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In college, essay writing is critical. Instructors require students to submit written assignments that are a major determinant for the final grade. Students who are unable to write high-quality assignments find it challenging surviving in college. For instance, international students who have English as their second language struggle writing good English essays. It is essential for students to learn what it entails to write appealing essays so that they can get better marks. In this article, you will learn how to write an essay that can earn you high grades. Using the tips provided, you will discover that you are capable of writing outstanding essays.

Research extensively

Researching is the first thing you must-do if you want to have an outstanding paper. Students should read through the instructions of the assignment and understand what it entails. Next, they should search for relevant materials that will assist them to write the paper. These materials should be academic like journals and books. It is important to avoid using unreliable websites and Wikipedia. The materials must also be up-to-date, especially if the discussion is on current matters. Synthesize different academic sources to get the most appropriate information for the paper.

Plan Writing Structure

Everything successful thing begins with proper planning. In essay writing, planning the structure is necessary before commencing the actual writing. The structure can be an outline of the main points that will be discussed. Since you have done your research well, you have the main points that you wish to include in the paper. These main points should be structured well such that there is a logical flow of ideas in the whole essay. The structure should outline

  • The introduction. This is an overview of the whole essay.
  • The body analyzes the main ideas extensively.
  • This wraps the essay and ties the main points together.

Students with problems in developing an essay structure can hire writers from and get the work done within the allocated time.

Use Evidence

Academic writing requires reference to credible academic sources. Ideas expressed should he backed up by the necessary evidence. The ultimate aim of academic essays is to demonstrate an appreciation for the ideas of other authors. Hence, an essay that lacks evidence is shallow and will earn lower marks. All the ideas from other authors used in the essay should be referenced with in-text citations and works cited page. Some students find it challenging to use evidence in their resumes. Such learners should use Resume That Works services for high-quality resumes.

Make a Word Cloud

Word clouds are tools for pre-reading, reading and comprehension teaching assessments. While students have little challenges developing drafts for their essays, reviewing or revising the same papers proves to be a tough task. Reading one’s paper through the eye of the audience rather than the author is not easy. Hence, word clouds can assist learners to see their writing from the perspective of the audience. By decontextualizing their paper and measuring the level of repeated language, students get a better concept of what their piece conveys to the audience. Further, word clouds facilitate the development of vocabulary which is essential I writing an essay.

Read It Out Loud

Once you are through with the paper, read it aloud. While reading the essay, listen to the construction of the sentences. This will assist you in knowing if you have used proper English. While reading aloud, you will identify some sentences that may not be clear to the reader. The impression you get about the essay is what the audience will feel about the paper. Get an essay from and try reading it aloud. You will notice the logical flow of ideas. This is how your paper should be.

Allow someone to read it over

While you may have excellent writing skills, you will notice that your paper has some grammatical mistakes. There are some grammatical errors you may not notice in your paper. Hence, when you give the essay to someone else, he/she will identify some mistakes that you overlooked. Besides, the person will be a reflection of how your audience is likely to receive your paper. Take into consideration the feedback you get from the reader and make adjustments appropriately.

Concisely, essay writing skills are necessary for success in colleges and universities. Students cannot avoid writing essays since instructors use them to determine how better learners have understood concepts in the classroom. While writing seems like something difficult for some students, the tips highlighted in the article are helpful. Writing good essays is something that one can learn. Hence, if you find writing problematic, you are not alone. The good news is that you can work toward becoming a better writer. Take the initiative and apply the tips highlighted in the article and you will begin to see results.

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