The Market Line
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Food halls continue to be on the rise all over Manhattan as locals and tourists are looking for the next best thing(s) in yummy cuisine located all under one roof. The Market Line, located in the Lower East Side on Delancey Street, is your one stop shop for some of the tastiest dishes you will find in The Big Apple. Trust and believe us on that.

Talk about being a 5-star location! The Market Line is a visual feast for foodies and anyone who enjoys an amazing meal. I first discovered this spot around the New Year when me and a friend dined inside one of its vendors, Essex Pearl, a place that provides top of the line seafood options like its scrumptious Lobster Rolls while also making mouths water with its other dishes like their Kimchi Fried Rice (still salivating about both all this time later).

What struck me the most about The Market Line was how amazing executed its entire location was set up. There’s a ton of vivid colors that hit you like a sack of bricks the minute you first walk down its flight of stairs and into their culinary heaven. Each vendor has a unique look and vibe to it which also bleeds into just how tasty the food they provide for its hundreds of visitors that stop by daily.

You can’t go wrong at The Market Line as you will find a new space to try at each turn you make. Ends Meat, for example, is just that, meat, but in the best way possible! Here you can chow down on sandwiches that will melt in your mouth including their Hogfather – filled with mortadella, salami, pancetta, nduja, and provolone. Wow!

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Like Pickles? Go to The Pickle Guys who provide you with pretty much any kind of pickle you can devour from sour to sweet and everything in between. The list goes on and on and on here in terms of what you can eat. Veselka, a culinary staple in Manhattan for years, introduces hungry folks to the delicacy that is Ukrainian food including mouthwatering pierogi options and so much more.

Save room for dessert though as The Market Line also has a bunch of sweet spots like Ample Hill Creamery and Rebecca’s Cake Pops. You can find a full list of vendors here and please remember to come hungry and be prepared for some of the best food you will ever experience in the LES and beyond.

More info on The Market Line as a whole can be found here.