Woodbury Common
Credit: Woodbury Common

The warm weather has finally arrived. This means we don’t have an excuse to stay inside anymore unless warranted. It also gives us another reason to go shopping for all our spring and summer needs: albeit new apparel, electronics, beauty products and so much more. Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, located outside of NYC in Central Valley, provides all of that and then some in an enchanting environment that is nothing short of spectacular to witness as you make your way through its stunning location.

Taking shop til you drop to a whole new meaning, folks. Woodbury Common is about a 45 minute drive outside The Big Apple that also provides a ton of transportation from the Port Authority Bus Terminal located in Times Square. Yes, shopping in NYC is fun and its a big reason why millions of people travel here each year, but this particular place has many things that our beloved area simply cannot do.

For one: it is huge. Like, you can spend a whole day there and still find things you didn’t see hours beforehand. What’s even better is that this is an outlet location, meaning all of the things you are perusing and planning to buy are marked down significantly from a normal retail space. Woo hoo to anyone who wants to save a little cash while looking and feeling fabulous in the process.

Even the pickiest of shoppers will find something they will love at Woodbury Common as it pretty much has everything. From top of the line retailers like Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta to more commonly found spots like Old Navy and Ann Taylor… rest assured that this place has you covered in all areas of what a shopping trip truly can be.

The atmosphere at Woodbury Common has always been one that’s impressed us at Manhattan Digest. Consider this to be the shopping equivalent of following the yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz or going inside the delicious world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The setting is just super inviting and encourages its patrons to want to continue throughout its setting as its designed for you to take it all in at your own speed. That doesn’t necessarily happen in New York City where you constantly feel like you need to rush with everything you do. This is much different: go at your own pace and relax while dropping some dough on the things you love.

And yes, there’s a big place to relax right in the middle of it all where a variety of yummy food options like Pret A Manger, Chipotle and others await your taste buds before you head back out to do more shopping. Bottom line: what are you waiting for? This is a place worth checking out asap for all this and then some.

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