Ed's Lobster Bar
Credit: Ed's Lobster Bar

It’s a pretty amazing feat when you find longevity in New York City from a business perspective. The restaurant scene, known to be one of the best of in the world, often has a major turnover rate where some of the best hotspots can’t find a way to stay open. Ed’s Lobster Bar, located in SoHo, has been able to overcome that obstacle with 13 successful years in the same place. Not too shabby indeed.

Credit: Ed’s Lobster Bar

I’m not much of a fan of traveling all the way downtown unless it is absolutely necessary that I go. Ed’s Lobster Bar, conveniently located only blocks from a bunch of subway lines (B, F, M, 4, 6) on Lafayette Street, is worth the trip and then some as their mouthwatering surf and turf options are nothing short of absolutely amazing to bite into.

This is a place that doesn’t go too far beyond the ordinary of what you would expect at a seafood-heavy place and there’s nothing wrong with that. Their menu, particularly for dinner, is simply divine as you will find yourself dining on some of the most scrumptious food below 14th street. For starters, I would recommend their Crab and Artichoke Dip and Seared Tuna Tacos as they excel in being hot and cold dishes. The former comes with toast points that you can dip for added taste while the latter is bursting with flavor thanks to its tasty pineapple.

Credit: Ed’s Lobster Bar

Their entrees are just as amazing to the point where I’m salivating over them all this time later. Make this an easy one and get their Lobster Roll with a side of fries and their succulent pickles. No musk, no fuss, just a damn good roll to sink your teeth into. If you are feeling a tad more hungry then their Lobster Mac n Cheese will easily do the trick.

We spoke to owner, Ed McFarland, about the success of his restaurant and what’s going on with it in the near future.

Credit: Ed’s Lobster Bar

How does it feel to have a restaurant be open for 13 years in a city that has such a high turnover rate? 

“In certain respects it is very satisfying. However, I know I need to keep pushing and evolving in order to continue growing and to see another 13 years.”

What is your proudest accomplishment since Ed’s Lobster Bar opened back in 2007?

“My proudest accomplishment has been my ability to retain so many valuable staff members in an industry where there is significant staff turnover. I’ve managed to create a culture that fosters longevity of employment and high employee satisfaction.” 

What are some new or exciting specials or promotions happening at the restaurant right now?

“For the month of March, we are rolling back lobster roll prices! We are offering $29 lobster rolls all day on Mondays and during our late night happy hour every weekday from 9:30 pm-close.”

What is your absolute favorite item on the menu?

“The lobster ravioli because unlike most other raviolis, particularly lobster raviolis, there is not any filler inside. It is all freshly ground, delicious lobster meat. It is served in our signature lobster cream sauce that really makes the dish.”

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