A yummy spread of food from Hortus NYC.

Who doesn’t enjoy trying out something new to eat, especially in such a diverse culinary city like NYC? Look no further as we are providing you with 4 amazing restaurants that are worth the trip to for all things delicious this coming spring and beyond. Get your bib ready folks because these places are bound to become a favorite of yours very soon.

Credit: Hortus NYC

Hortus NYC: 271 5th Avenue

Hortus NYC reinvents what Asian cuisine is known to be in a beautiful two-floor setting. Their dishes are out of this world delicious as they infuse local and seasonal ingredients with contemporary flavors. Standout dishes to try while there include their Charcoal Grilled Eggplant, which comes with minced pork, mozzarella and some pine nut bread crumbs, Yuzu Tare Angel Wing with pork, crown dais and glass noodle and their very sharable sizing of Pork (braised pork belly, shiitake, bok choy). So yummy! More info here.

Credit: Casa Del Toro

Casa Del Toro: 626B 10th Avenue

A spot that just opened that is worth checking out is Casa Del Toro in Hell’s Kitchen. This place provides some of the most mouthwatering tacos you will taste in NYC that will make you rethink what can actually go inside this universally loved item. Standouts include their Guacamole y Totopas (avocado, lime, cilantro, tomato, onion, jalapeno), Tostada de Costilla de Res (chipotle braised short rib, radish, salsa roja, queso cotija, avocado) and the Lengua Taco (Crispy Beef Tongue, Radish, Salsa Verde and Chicharron). More info here.

Credit: DOMA Food and Drinks

DOMA Food and Drinks: 120 1st Ave

DOMA Food and Drink is another recently opened hotspot that is sure to become an instant fave by anyone who visits The Lower East Side. This is Korean cuisine done in the most splendid and tasty of ways as they draw from Western and Japanese influences to bring you unbelievable dishes. If there is one dish you must try, and I want to repeat the word must here, it is their Korean Fried Chicken seen above. Legit some of the best chicken I’ve had in my life as your taste buds will be sent into pure shock mode the instant you take a bite. More info here.

Credit: Gnocco

Gnocco: 337 E. 10th Street

Gnocco is the real deal when it comes to just how authentic and amazing Italian food can really be. The cuisine is helmed by Owner/Executive Chef Gian Luca Giovanetti, whose former restaurant, Perbacco received a two-star review in The New York Times and Gnocco, no less worthy, was also recognized by New York Magazine’s The Underground Gourmet. So clearly you know you’re going into an amazing experience from the minute you step in their East Village doors. Everything here, from their pastas to pizzas and in between, is fresh 101 with each and every bite. Standout dishes include their Gnocco (Homemade deep fried dough with a selection of typical northern Italian cold cuts), Margherita Pizza and Polpette al Pomodoro (Beef, Veal and Pork Meatballs in tomato meat sauce). More info here.