While medical experts and scientists fervently seek a vaccination for the dreaded Covid 19 virus, Goldstar ticketing platform is injecting some much-needed hope into numerous arts organizations.

After Broadway and theaters around the world closed their doors for sake of public health, Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy sent an email to live entertainment and arts organizations inviting them to create donation listings featuring more information about them rather than their shows. The response was overwhelming and Goldstar continues to update the listing.

“We’ve always been in the business of connecting people with the great shows our 6,000 live event organizers present. So now, we’re tapping into our audience of 10 million subscribers to encourage them to donate at this critical time to support the artists, the people behind the scenes and all who bring so much to our lives,” said McCarthy in a press release.

“We’re not limiting this to non-profit organizations. Everybody in our industry, in all genres — needs help. And, they need it now,” he added. “Organizations in the US who we’ve never worked with but are known to us are also welcome. It’s about making sure this industry can sustain and be ready when audiences return.”

Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy. Photo courtesy of Goldstar

Goldstar’s extensive promotional channels have been geared up to make a difference while borrowing the techniques of other popular fundraising platforms, but with a built-in big audience and unique marketing tools. Subscribers can select to donate $10, $20 or $50 amounts.

“We know our subscribers want to give. After all, they’re giving to people who’ve given them so much joy and enrichment over the years. And they want these organizations to still be standing when this is all over.”

To see the most up to date list of organizations participating organizations please, visit us at: https://www.goldstar.com/national/categories/donations.