H&H Bagels
Credit: H&H Bagels

H&H Bagels, a legendary hotspot in New York City that dates back to the early 1970’s, remains a place that thousands of people still love to order from. There are many reasons for this with one sticking out the most: their food is just that damn good!

Let me start by saying this: I freaking love bagels. As someone who grew up in Long Island, which arguably has the best bagels in the world, it is something that is embedded in me as I’ve tried pretty much any and all varieties of this doughy concoction with a big smile on my face.

Credit: H&H Bagels

Yet, for some reason, I never sank my teeth into anything from H&H Bagels until recently. Color me stupid for this but it was only brought to my attention by a friend who raved over practically everything they made. It would be foolish of me to pass on such a delicious opportunity so I recently made a big order of their bagels and sides as a way to get me through the breakfast side of being in self-isolation.

Here’s the facts: I’m probably 5-10 pounds heavier from devouring every kind of bagel they provided me. From egg to plain, cinnamon raisin to everything, H&H Bagels is what NYC is all about. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been chowing down on them with their unbelievable salads (tuna please!) and out of this world spreads like scallion cream cheese that have made me excited to wake up in the morning as I know they will be making their way inside my mouth by about 9:00 am.

Something that also remains very impressive to me about H&H Bagels is their incredible history in The Big Apple. They initially opened up in 1972 at a store on Broadway & 80th before their empire expanded throughout the city. They were even featured on an episode of Seinfeld in the late 90’s! How insane is that.

You can now find them in two of my most favorite parts of NYC: The Upper East & West Side as well as at JFK & LaGuardia Airport. And yes, they cater. So if you are looking for a mouthwatering place with a lush history in the best city in the world, then H&H Bagels will do the trick.

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