The Lodge at Woodloch
Credit: The Lodge At Woodloch

The Lodge at Woodloch, located in Hawley, Pennsylvania, is a fabulous space to wine, dine, relax and more for anyone who is looking to escape the concrete jungle of New York City.

A super fun and very different place compared to The Big Apple is The Poconos. The sereneness and tranquility of its surroundings is nothing short of absolutely spectacular to be apart of as it will literally calm your every nerve the second you arrive.

What makes The Lodge at Woodloch so incredible is that you have everything you could ever ask for all in one location. You don’t need to leave its premises as their wonderful staff will provide you with any amenity you need while the beautiful area that encompasses it will do the rest. It is truly a sight for sore eyes and one that I am very excited to tell you about.

Credit: The Lodge At Woodloch

The Lodge at Woodloch just reopened its doors earlier this month after being shut down due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. I’m going to get this out of the way now so you can enjoy me talking about the more fun parts about this property: they have you covered in every aspect when it comes to being safe from taking temperatures, wearing masks and asking the vital questions related to COVID-19 in all areas of its business.

OK now let’s chat about all the reasons why you should visit! First off… it’s ridiculously stunning! It’s luxury 101 the instant you step inside as its main floor has so many wonderful things to gaze at while you check in.

Where should I begin first, hmm. Let’s talk about their dining area called Tree Restaurant and Bar. I was lucky enough to eat here for breakfast, lunch and dinner and am still dreaming about all the yummy food they provide. It is Modern American food done in the best way possible as their chefs expertly prepare surf and turf dishes that will delight your taste buds and put a smile on your face. More on that here.

Credit: The Lodge At Woodloch

Then there’s the luxurious rooms for you to enjoy. What made my particular room so wonderful is that it overlooked a grassy area of the property that included a waterfall of sorts. The options to either relax indoors and outdoors became very difficult for me as both provided an immense amount of comfort as my trip continued.

Speaking of comfort I have to bring up their newly-renovated 40,000 square foot spa. I was beyond thrilled with my massage experience that was relaxing and comfortable all while being in a very safe space (see COVID concerns above). I was also thoroughly impressed with the atmosphere of the spa, the spaciousness of its locker room and so much more.

For anyone that’s an outdoors person, pay attention, because this is part of what makes The Lodge at Woodloch shine. There are so many activities you and your loved ones can take apart in during your stay including kayaking, fishing and stand-up paddle boarding which will give you a first-hand view of the scenic area that surrounds its location. I’m not much of an outdoorsy guy myself but this is a vital part of the experience you will have should you decide to book a trip there.

Credit: The Lodge At Woodloch

This was truly one of the best experiences I have ever had especially in the COVID world we are living today where escaping from the norm is really necessary. Definitely worth checking out if you plan on traveling this summer and beyond.

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