Casa Del Toro
Credit: Casa Del Toro

Casa del Toro is one of the best Hell’s Kitchen spots open for Al Fresco (outdoor) dining right now. Sure, this isn’t the ideal kind of situation given the COVID world we are still living in, however this engaging place is pulling out all the stops to ensure you have a fun time while there.

Normalcy isn’t a word we’ve been using lately, especially in New York City, but one thing’s for sure: Manhattanites are always hungry. Casa del Toro, a fairly new space in HK, is taking the concept of delicious tacos and thirst-quenching drinks and elevating them to a level of something truly incredible to enjoy.

The seating arrangements they provided outside are fun and comforting especially as the day turns into night. The inside, however, is a sight for sore eyes as it screams intimacy with its dark colors that are seen throughout not to mention the beautiful garden that’s in the back and a special surprise that greets you right when you walk in.

You will be able to experience the indoor atmosphere in due time when we finally hit phase three here. Trust me, its worth the wait. In the meantime, Casa del Toro is providing its patrons with nothing but yumminess when it comes to a universally loved food item: the taco!

And its quite a bargain too: $20 for 5 tacos! 5 TACOS! And these aren’t just some basic, run of the mill ones. They are filled with wonderful ingredients that will delight your taste buds from first bite to last.

Let me recommend three to devour: their Camaron (ancho chile, garlic, pickled onion, avocado), Bistec (marinated ribeye and sirloin, salsa roja, avocado) and Al Pastor (marinated roasted pork, cilantro, onion, pineapple). Each are so savory with flavors that run from sweet to spicy and everything in between that are a delight to eat.

I would recommend going there as soon as possible especially on Wednesday when their full menu officially relaunches! Remember people: think local, eat local, especially during these trying times.

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